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No Cog Housing

Welcome to Saving Sully

We are a group of residents whose purpose is to facilitate opposition to developments likely to forever detrimentally change the character of Sully and Lavernock. We are not affiliated with any official body.

The group was originally formed to facilitate opposition to the Taylor Wimpey development proposals at Cog and while we still vigorously oppose this, a number of other proposals affecting the local community have since emerged and we will endeavor to facilitate opposition to, or support for, such proposals depending on their nature and the wishes of the community.

In spite of compelling arguments and 407 objections against the plans, the Council Planning committee voted in favour of the outline planning application for 350 houses at Cog. Development is still dependent on additional planning agreements and details of these and when they are likely to be submitted will be posted when we know more. There is also likely to be an planning application for a further 150 houses on the adjacent field. Again we will advise on this when the situation becomes clearer.

Many members of the Sully and Lavernock communities have expressed concern regarding the planning application for two hundred houses on land at BP Sports Field. This too will irreversibly and detrimentally alter the character of the area and will impact both the local and wider area.

Nearly a thousand additional homes could be built in Sully. This will effect not just Sully but will have a huge impact on Penarth and Dinas Powys too.

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As a group, our objectives are:

  1. To oppose any planning application and any subsequent appeals to develop the farmland within the site.
  2. To assist and support members of the community who oppose these plans with information and advice on how to object during the various stages of the planning process.
  3. To inform the community on latest news and progress of the attempted development.
  4. Where possible, to engage with third party specialists to obtain expert opinion and direction to assist the opposition process.

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