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Hearts Matter – Sponsored Walk

We are holding a sponsored walk to raise funds to provide defibrillators for Sully, Swanbridge & Lavernock

  • When: Sunday 30th April 2017
  • Where: Jubilee Hall, Council Offices
  • Arrive: 10.30am, Walk Starts: 11.00am
  • All ages welcome, push chairs, prams, dogs on leads

Marshalled Route:

Jubilee Hall to Comeston Lakes, Return via The Sea Shore Grill, Swanbridge where refreshments will be kindly provided by Gordon and his staff. Then follow the coastal footpath back to Jubilee Hall.

Sponsorship forms available from Jubilee Hall, Sully Post Office, Sully School, Sully Club Restaurant, The Old School and here.

You can download the Hearts Matter Poster A4

You can download the fund raising walk donation form available here

To donate to this worthwhile cause please contact
Steve Thomas: Chairman Saving Sully Group – 029 2053 1486
Ken Jones: Fund Raising – 029 2053 0893
By Paypal to • Cheques payable to Saving Sully Group


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Quarterly Report and Update



Dear Residents,

Following the SSG Annual General Meeting on Thursday 30 March, the meeting agreed that regular updates should be given to the residents of Sully, in respect of what SSG is currently involved with.


The planning application jointly made between St Modwen Developments and the Sports Club was refused planning consent (ref 2015/00843/Ful on the 3 November 2016.  They have a period of six months to appeal this decision from the date of notification (4th November 2016).

The reasons for the refusal by the Planning Committee were very clear and can be viewed on pages 104/105 of the Planning Officer’s Report, and were taken in accordance with S38 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 which requires that in deterging a planning application the determination must be in accordance with the Development Plan.


Many of you will remember the SSG and Sully and Lavernock Community Council have made a joint application under the S15 of the Commons Act 2006 to obtain Village Green status for the playing fields at BP Sports.  This application is still proceeding and we have recently replied to further question and queries.  The developer and Club have employed not only solicitors but also a barrister to act for them.


Whist we did lose the battle in respect of planning on this site, we are still monitoring the situation and will inform you of any changes.


Originally there was a proposal to develop 235 houses on this site but under the LDP process “matters arising” this has been increased to 576.  We have put in planning and highway objections to this proposal and now we await the report of the LDP Inspector.


In September 2016 the Community Council won their planning appeal for allotments at Hayes Road, Sully.  The Council’s legal adviser then met with the Vale Council to discuss transfer of the land to the Community Council for allotments, the Vale Council were not prepared to enter into these discussion.

The two key challenges for the village are

a)         to obtain the funding to prepare the land and infrastructure necessary for            allotments.

b)         to obtain the land.

Joint discussion with Beechwood College and The Big Lottery Fund has taken place with the aim of obtaining a grant.  The therapeutic benefits that allotments would provide for the students of Beechwood College are great and we were told we had a strong project.  The Community Council were invited to make a formal application for funds.

Following the good news on funding further discussion with the Community Council’s legal adviser took place who suggested we obtain the opinion of specialist barristers in relation to a Compulsory Purchase Order for the Hayes Road site; he offered to prepare the brief at no cost to the Community Council.  This week we have received an indication of costs to obtain this opinion which will be considered by the Community Council next week.

The 1908 Smallholding and Allotment Act is still the main legislation governing allotments, within its provisions a Community Council is an Allotments Authority who have a legal responsibility to provide allotments if six or more residents request them.  We now have 36 residents and Beechwood College on the waiting list.  Also within the provisions of the Act a Community Council has Compulsory Purchase powers.


There has recently been a lot spoken and written in respect of the Glebe Fields.  I hope the following will explain the up to date situation.

Until recently a cricket club in Sully held a lease of the said land, however, they have now surrendered the lease back to The Welsh Church Acts.  Several village groups, individuals and local elected members are interested in investigating the possibility of a new NHS Health Centre with surgeries and outpatient facilities on the site, and with a possible pharmacy together with associated car parking that could be used for the Old School Hall and the church.

Other parties must be involved, and liaison is taking place with these bodies to ascertain whether this project is viable.  We will keep everyone updated accordingly.


There is currently a group of residents who are concerned about “road safety” in the village, and they have approached SSG to see if between us we can improve road safety and safeguard the village of Sully.  Again we will update when our first joint meeting has taken place.


Old School Hall, Sully and Lavernock Community Council, and SSG have recently held a joint meeting with the aim of providing circa 6 defibrillators around the community.  These defibrillators cost circa £1300/1400 each which includes the defibrillator, the external box, and electrical connection.  I can confirm that the Old School Hall has raised funds for one defibrillator, the Community Council has agreed to pay for a second one, and SSG have arranged a sponsored walk for hopefully a third defibrillator.  Please sponsor a walker or even walk yourself.


There has been a lot of discussion in regard to the footpath which is currently under construction around B.P. Sports fields.  To put the record right I can confirm that SSG has had no involvement whatsoever with this.  Should anyone wish to raise any issues relating to this then I would suggest that contact is made to the Sully and Lavernock Community Council, either the Chairman or Clerk.


SSG arranges various events throughout the year in order to raise funds to undertake the various issues affecting the village.  There are several items this year that will need funding a) continuing involvement with the LDP b) Village Green application, c) possible planning appeal d) road safety issues, e) provision of defibrillators.

Apart from arranging events the only other way of raising funds is a)through membership of SSG which is only £10 per year so please join if you can and b) donations.

Our membership secretary is Mike Shepperdson, his email address if


What a success this has been since the community has taken this over.  The footfall has doubled, and the opening hours have increased.  Many thanks to all the volunteers and the Trustees for making this such a success.

I hope to put out quarterly reports on the SLRA and the SSG web page.  However, should there be a need to publish anything urgently we will endeavour to contact the village by whatever means necessary.

Kind regards and thank you all for your continued support it is very much appreciated.


Steve Thomas

Chairman of Saving Sully Group



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