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Cog Planning – Phase 2

Planning Ammendments

No doubt you have all seen the new outline planning application by Taylor Wimpey in respect of phase 2 at Cog. Phase 1 was for 350, and phase 2 is for 190 ie a total of 540. This is obviously in accord with the LDP even though the allocation is for 500 the planning authority can allow a 10% margin.

What does worry me is:

1. That they have left a very large area of land to the south of this new application ( 2016/01520/out ) which could mean additional development in the future possibly taking the numbers closer to 700

2. That part of the hedgerow along Swanbridge Road is to be removed to create a footpath /cycleway, this appears to be against the Biodiversity statements in the LDP which states that any new development should positively contribute to biodiversity by maintaining and enhancing features such as woodland and hedges, If one looks at the plans in the application there is no real need to dig up the hedgerow along Swanbridge Road , it would be far better to locate the footpath/ cycleway inside the existing hedgerow, not only saving a mature hedgerow where there are protected fauna and flora, but also make it much safer for the pedestrians and cyclists.

We need to let the residents know what is happening, and get as many people as possible to write to the Council objecting, BUT we have only got to the 21st of August ( funny how this all came to light in the summer holiday period )


Steve Thomas


Saving Sully Group


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Allotment Planning

Sully and Lavernock Community Council together with Beechwood College and with the help of the Saving Sully Group have submitted a second planning application for allotments on the land behind the Vale Councils old Civic amenity site. This application if granted would provide allotments for residents and Beechwood College students.

Residents can make representations to the Vale Council in support of this application and we encourage you to do so.

The planning application reference number is 2015/0116/SUL(IR).

Your letter should be sent to the Planning Department, Docks Office, Barry Docks, Barry. CF63 4RT. The case officer is Ian Robinson

Their e-mail address is

Our Vale Councillor Bob Penrose has called the application in, which means it will be heard and voted on by the full planning Committee.

Residents can attend this meeting and listen to the debate and see how Councillors Vote. Bob will advise us when the planning meeting will take place.

Your support is needed and will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Cllr. Christopher Tatt

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LDP Public Examination

Have you asked to speak at the LDP Planning Inspector hearing?

If you made representations on the LDP or the focused changes and asked to speak at the Planning inspectors hearing, you should have been contacted by Sarah Krevett, Programme Officer for the Vale of Glamorgan Local Development Plan Examination. Her letter or email gives detail of the examination procedure and lists residents who have indicated they wish to speak at the Planning Inspectors hearings.

Chris Tatt, vice chair of Saving Sully says,”I had indicated that I wish to speak but was left off the list. Sully and Lavernock Community Council and Beechwood College were also left off. I contacted Sarah Krevett and she promptly confirmed that the Vale had made an error in my case. I explained that other Sully residents might also have been omitted from her list of people wishing to speak.”

Anyone who asked to speak at the Planning Inspectors hearing but has not been contacted should inform Sarah Krevett – 01446 704610 or email her on


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