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No Cog Housing

More Reasons to Oppose

Taylor Wimpey Developments

There have been quite a few articles in various local papers up and down the country describing how Taylor Wimpey developments are affecting surrounding communities both during and after construction: Another reason for not wanting Taylor Wimpey to build at Cog.

• In Keynsham there are accounts of constant convoys of lorries in 20 mph zones, violations of the agreed HGV access routes, mud on the roads, damage to kerbs and traffic movements outside of the stipulated site delivery times (9am to 3pm).

• In Wivenhoe, residents have had to put up with heavy lorries for example one resident is quoted saying “During the week from 8am until 5pm, and sometimes earlier, it is just a constant flow of lorries driving down here. “The soil goes everywhere, the lorries are noisy and the roads are now cracked and ruined because they are only narrow and they just can’t take the strain of it.”

• At a meeting of Yealmpton Parish Council, councillors expressed anger that Taylor Wimpey was ignoring a condition to build a temporary construction road on the site where it is building houses in the village.

• In Yarm where a Taylor Wimpey development of 350 houses at Morley Carr Farm by Taylor Wimpey warned they resulted in a warning that Taylor Wimpey face enforcement action for breaching planning conditions after complaints work was starting before 8am.

• In Cheltenham in 2011 Taylor Wimpey were forced to demolish 24 brand new homes after building on land without planning permission!

• Taylor Wimpey finished work at Sussex Wharf, a development of 290 homes in Shoreham, about three years ago. Since then residents have suffered unfinished roads, poor parking, access problems for emergency services, overflowing bins, faulty street and internal lighting, exposed cabling and unfinished drainage works. In one instance a small child fell down a drain that was left open. The emergency services had difficulty rescuing the boy because of access problems with the road.

• In Yate, Taylor Wimpey had planned to build nine homes in an area previously identified for a local community center after an earlier development was approved.

• Residents in Cambourne report Taylor Wimpey HGVs delivering outside agreed embargo time.

These are a few examples of what we could happen in Sully should Taylor Wimpey obtain planning permission at Cog. Sully would be subjected to years of traffic disruption, dirt and noise. Developers have to submit a construction management plan, but inevitably large-scale works seriously impact the surrounding community. The examples cited above of non-compliance with construction conditions undermine confidence that developers will adhere to any condition placed on them. We must not see headlines such as these in our local press.