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The Vale of Glamorgan Local Development Plan – LDP

The Vale of Glamorgan Local Development Plan (LDP) guidance notes our volunteers have delivered are now available online.

As many of you will know the Vale of Glamorgan has published their deposit LDP.  This is required for each Local Planning Authority (LPA) in Wales under Part 6 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act, 2004 (the 2004 Act).

The Plan sets out the context  for managing development in the Vale of Glamorgan and contains a number of local planning policies determining land use for the purposes of housing, business and related  infrastructure .  A key part of this process is that progress against the plan is monitored during its life-cycle until 2026.

A link to The Vale of Glamorgan Local Development Plan pages can be found here 

Saving Sully Group and Sully & Lavernock Community Council has been monitoring the The Vale of Glamorgan LDP  progress, along with any major proposals that affect the village of Sully and its associated areas. There are currently several proposals that in our opinion will have a major effect on the village and its residents.

  • The residential proposal of 500 houses at Cog, (LDP site number MG2(46))
  • The proposal to make and enlarge the illegal gypsy/traveller’s site at Hayes Road into a permanent site, (LDP site number MG5).  To include ex-amenity site and green public open space land.
  • The proposal for a residential site at Upper Cosmeston Farm (235 Dwellings), (LDP site number MG2(23) )

From the 8th November 2013 until 5pm 20th December 2013 there is an opportunity for every resident within the areas likely to be affected by these proposals to put a written objection into the Vale of Glamorgan Council as part of the public consultation phase. To assist residents in responding to this, we have produced an information pack and a single copy of the Vale of Glamorgan representation form.  These have been delivered to residents in the affected areas by our volunteers, however downloadable copies are also available below together with example forms and guidance notes.

“The LDP and You” – Residents pack download

  • You can download our information pack here
  •  Help filling in the representation form can be downloaded here
  • Addtional copies of the “Part 2″ section  Vale of Glamorgan Local Development Plan representation form here
  • NEW !!!! Example Cog Site representation form here
  • NEW !!!! Example Lavernock Site  representation form here
  • NEW !!!! Example Hayes Road Traveller site representation form here
  • You can download a copy of the The Vale of Glamorgan Local Development Plan representation form here
  • The document, “Planning Inspectorate Wales, A Guide to the Examination of Local Development Plans” is a useful reference downloadable here 


You will be required to fill out separate forms and letters for each site you object to. If you are objecting to all three developments then you will need to send separate and appropriate objections for each site.