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No Cog Housing

How to Object to the Taylor Wimpey Cog Re-Consultation

An image of the Cog fields where Tayulor Wimpey want to buld 350 houses
West Field Cog

Guidance on How to Object to the

Re-Consultation on the Taylor Wimpey Planning Application at Cog “Land South of Cog Road, Sully”

Planning Application Number:  2013/01279 to be found on the Planning Register on the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Website, or from the Council’s Dock Office and libraries.


You need to write a letter or go online to object to the new information Taylor Wimpey has provided to the Council and which is now out to consultation.

This is guidance for the letter, but the information can be used online also.

Write to Mr Ian Robinson, Planning Officer, The Vale of Glamorgan Council, Barry Docks, Barry CF63 4RT

Then put the following:

  1. Reference Number of Planning Application:  2013/01279/OUT
  2. Case Officer:  Mr. Ian Robinson
  3. Location:  Land South of Cog Road, Sully
  4. Proposal:  Residential development with associated access and associated works (max 350 dwellings)
  5. Your title
  6. Your First Name
  7. Your Surname
  8. Your address

10. Your Post Code

11. Your email address, if you have one

12. Say if you want your receipt from the Council for your objection in the post or by email

13. Put “Objection”

14. Put in your objections.  You can choose all or some from the following list.  You need to put them in your own words.  If you want to include any documents, e.g. photographs, note what they are in your letter.


a) Incorrect grassland classification in ecology surveys and mitigation statements;
b) Target species list inadequate on extended Phase 1 survey;
c) Contradictions between ecology and agricultural surveys;
d) Inaccurate site description in mitigation statements;
e) Circumvention of lack of survey evidence to create a notional mitigation plan to facilitate planning consent;
f) No binding on-going Great Crested Newt habitat management plan agreed;
g) Negative impact on large number of “List 42” species;
h) Potential for challenges to planning decisions under E.U. Habitats and Birds Directive due to inaccurate ecological survey documentation;
i) The Welsh Government states an archaeological field evaluation is to be carried out before any decision on a planning application is taken.   This has not been done.
j) The Outline Masterplan breaches Planning Policy Wales and the Court of Appeal decision in Barnwell as it has not given “considerable weight and importance” to the setting of the listed buildings at Cog.  That setting outweighs residential development on this site.
k) The access strategy has a pedestrian access onto Cog Road opposite Cog Farm.  This is unsafe as there are no pavements here on Cog Road, and it is very close to a 3 road junction at Cog Green where fatalities have already occurred.  The site is not suitable for residential development.
l) The pedestrian access to the pond on the site containing Great Crested Newts, a protected species, will put them at risk.
m) The access routes on Cog and Swanbridge Roads will direct traffic to the nearest vehicular route to Cardiff, which is Sully Road.  This is a sub-standard rural lane which is already dangerous given current volume of traffic.  The new access routes to the site will, therefore, increase the usage of a lane completely unsuited to further vehicular use and will contribute to an already unsafe environment.   The site is unsuitable for residential development.

Sign and date the letter

N.B. You can deliver your signed letter to David Roberts, Clerk of the Sully and Lavernock Community Council at Jubilee Hall, off Smithies Avenue, Sully if you would like him to take the letter to the Council for you.