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How to oppose the BP Sports Field Development



How to oppose to BP Sports Field Development – Saving Sully

Your letters of objection should go to the case officer – Mr S.D. Butler at the Council Offices, Dock Office Barry Docks, Barry, CF63 4RT.

Please remember to put your name and address including post code, email address if you have one. Put OBJECTION at the head of your letter.

This Planning Application is what’s known as a HYBRID application, i.e. part full application and part outline. You need to object to the whole application because if the sports club, pitches and retail get planning consent then the housing will follow – guaranteed as night follows day.

These notes are purely for guidance, please do not just copy them word for word, as this would have a major affect on all of the residents objections.

1. Policy MG18(6) Green Wedge.

The land at Sully Sports Field is clearly on the urban fringe, and a development of this nature blurs the boundary between settlement edges and the countryside, leading the incremental loss of open land an ultimately leads to a coalescence of settlements having a detrimental impact on agriculture, the landscape and amenity and playing fields.

2. Policy MG24 (2)

The special environmental qualities of the Glamorgan coast must be preserved and enhanced. Allowing a development of this nature goes against this policy. Development should only be allowed if it is deemed necessary for agriculture, nature conservation, low impact tourism or coastal access. There is nothing in the HYBRID application that ticks any of these boxes.

3. Highways, Road Safety, Traffic generation.

Traffic surveys were undertaken on the 8th July, during a period when the majority of students, school pupils had completed their school year, also its the start of the summer holiday season.

It is therefore considered that the background traffic flows during this month would be considerably less than if the surveys were undertaken during a neutral month – the figures therefore must be considered SUSPECT!

4. The Transport Assessment Analysis only included 350 units at the proposed residential site at Cog (land west of Swanbridge Road). However, the site is allocated for 500 units, so again this Assessment is considered unsound and therefore “suspect”.

5. No mitigation measures are proposed by St Modwen in regard to their proposal and they have not taken into account TRAFFIC GROWTH. This no doubt has been done to prove that the existing junction on South Road operates satisfactorily. This is totally unacceptable and suitable mitigation should be required.

6. The Vale of Glamorgan in its Local Biodiversity Action Plan, recognises the biodiversity of plants and animals, together with the places they live, identifying them as LOCAL PRIORITIES. The overall objective of this plan (LBAP) is to conserve and enhance biodiversity. How can all this development

a) Protect all the habitats and species

b|) Help to promote optimum management of these sites.

c) Help to improve degraded habitats and create a healthier environment for commoner species

There are “protected species” living on the site, there are red and amber listed birds that currently visit the site. There is a row of tress that have TPO status where many of these protected wildlife use.

Use this ACTION PLAN in the manner for which it was intended, and protect the wildlife.

7. In the emerging LDP there is a section – CREATING AN ACTIVE WALES – this sets out the Welsh Governments plan to get more people engated in regular physical activity.

How can taking away 50% of the sports fields and building 200 houses, retail units etc conform to the Vale of Glamorgan’s and the Welsh Government strategy.

8. In the LDP objective 5 of the section VISION AND OBJECTIVES states that the Local Authority will support the retention of community facilities and services and seek to ensure that any new development, particularly HOUSING DOES NOT impose undue pressure on schools, community facilities and helath facilities.

How can 200 houses in addition to the 500 proposed at land west of Swanbridge Road and 235 at Cosmeston NOT have an adverse affect on these facilities and services.

9. LDP Strategy – Policy SP1 states that it will protect, enhance the built, natural, and coastal environment – if this is truly the Council’s strategy then this application must be refused.

10. Policy SP7 – Transportation. The draft LDP states that all new developments that have a direct impact on the strategic transportation infrastructure will be required to deliver appropriate improvements to the network. There is nothing in St Modwen’s planning application about any improvements, in fact they don’t even think there will be any growth in traffic numbers.


In the emerging LDP there is not allocation for housing at Sully Sports Fields. There are two sites included in the plan which is considered to be an over-supply so this site should and must remain as green wedge , playing fields and coastal belt

12. There is a proposal for approximately 5000 sq.ft of retail. The village is adequately provided for in retail and an additional 5000 sq.ft can only have a detrimental affect on the existing shops and their owners.

13. This site was subject to a planning application back in 1993, it was refused by the Local

Authority and failed on appeal. The reasons for its refusal still apply today, in fact the highways situation is now worse.

14. Drainage/Sewage. Cog works is working at over 100% capacity and at times closer to 130%. If a single house was refused connection to the drainage system what is St Modwen going to do with 200 houses plus the other 735 on the other proposed sites.

As stated earlier you need to send your letter of objection to the Vale of Glamorgan Council Planning Dept, Docks Office Barry. Choose your objections put them in your own words, Don’t forget to sign and date your letter.

Any problems please do not hesitate to contact us!