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How to oppose to Permanent Gypsy/Traveller Focused Changes

Guidance on how to make representations on the gypsy and travellers focused change FC 18/ Policy MG5.


The previous plan proposed to put a gypsy and travellers site on the land behind the Councils civic amenity site which is 0.64Ha in size.

The Focused change is to include the redundant civic amenity site as part of a permanent Gypsy and Travellers site , this increases the size of the site by 0,21Ha to 0.85ha an increase of 32%. This change has been driven by the Welsh Governments latest guidance for designing Gypsy and Travellers Sites in Wales.

You can find the latest Welsh Government guidelines for Gypsy  and Travellers sites on line and you may find it helpful to read this guidance.

Set out your comments in part 2 of the form

Question 2a seeks your views on the soundness of the focus changes. If you feel that FC18 is unsound tick the unsound box

Question2b seeks your view on which test of soundness does the focus change fail. In our view it fails on the following

P1. The change has not been prepared in accordance or with the involvement of the Community involvement scheme.

C1. The change has ignored the 5 year long negotiations and business plan submitted by the Community Council to the Vale Council prior to the issue of the draft Local development Plan

C2. The change does not conform to the National Policy on Allotments and the statutory requirements of the health and safety zone as shown on the LDP map.

CE2. The allocation of the land is not realistic as the site does not allow conformance to the Welsh Governments Gypsy and Travellers site design guidance. The alternative site of Llangan which is owned by the Vale Council has not been considered. The site is suitable and would meet Welsh Government design guidance. This site has been occupied by a Gypsy family for 20 years.

CE4. The site does not have the capacity to deal with changing circumstances.

Question 2c ask which Focused Change you are supporting or objecting to? The focused Change reference number for the Gypsy and Travellers site is FC18.

In section 2d of the Focused changes representation form, you can set out your comments  on why the proposed focus changes will not make the plan sound. Explain your reasons and what further changes are required. Below is a list of representations for your consideration. An effective way of writing a “representation” to the Planning Department is to be business like and relevant and communicate to the Council in a language they understand, do not make it too personal

1. The council did not consider or assess the impact of their focused change proposal of a permanent Gypsy and Travellers site upon the 60 residential students of Beechwood College The only college in Wales for young people with Autism and Asperger syndrome.  Ask for an independent assessment of the Vale Councils proposal to locate a larger Gypsy and Travellers site adjacent to the College and the effect this would have on the students.

2. By making this proposal the Vale Council and Councillors have failed in their duty of care to the residents of Beechwood College.

3. The 0.85Ha site doe s not allow conformance to the latest Welsh Government guidance regarding site layout and pitch design. The focus change document does not show that the site can contain 18 conforming pitches’ which have been proposed.

4. The site does not conform to the Welsh Government of “Line of best fit”. The Welsh Government require the Local Authorities to first seek such sites. Llangan conforms to these requirements. Llangan was not considered as a relative alternative by the Vale Council.

5. The needs of the Community and Beechwood College students for this larger site are greater than the needs of the Gypsy and Travellers.

6. The Civic amenity site of 0.21Ha falls within the Health and safety exclusion zone relating to the Chemical plants north of Hayes Road. This is clearly shown on the Local development Plan map. It would be illegal to put a permanent Gypsy and Travellers in this Zone.

Complete section 3a and 3b and sign and date the form.

Details of how to return the form are on the last page.