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Saving Sully Quarterly Report

Saving Sully Quarterly Report

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At the last AGM of Saving Sully and Lavernock Group I stated that I would post updates of what we as a group of individual residents were involved with.

As we are all aware, Sully and Lavernock is a great place to live, raise a family and also to enjoy in later live.  However, over the last 5/6 years there have been several things that has upset the equilibrium of the community.  Hopefully the following report will inform the residents of what is being undertaken to maintain and improve the village; they are not in any particular order.

Village Green Application  - Saving Sully and Lavernock Group along with Sully Community Council have submitted a joint application under S15(2) of the Commons Act 2006, to hopefully get the Sully Sports Fields registered as a “Village Green”.

Should we be successful it will protect these playing/sports fields.  However, we do need professional advice to help in regard to this application as a full Inquiry has been arranged by the Vale of Glamorgan as The Registration Authority for January 2018.  The cost of this professional help is in the order of £4,000/£5,000, so if anyone wishes to help financially please do so as Sully cannot afford to lose this wonderful asset of the village.

Cheques should be made payable to Saving Sully Group.

Travellers at Hayes Road -  A group of like minded residents formed an action group to see what could be achieved.  Both the Saving Sully and Lavernock Group and the Community Council spoke at the LDP inquiry and eventually through the Local Development Plan process the LDP Inspector deemed that this site was not suitable for a formal gypsy and traveller site.  The Vale Council are now looking at alternative sites.

Allotments – This project has been going on since 2008 and the Community Council have been working very hard to get this matter resolved.  There is a statutory requirement on the Council to provide allotments should more than 6 residents require them.  Currently there are at least 36 residents asking for a plot.  Planning consent has been achieved and an application to the Lottery Fund has been made for funding to match that which has been set aside by the Community Council, who is also meeting the Vale Council in respect of the land.

Land at Cog – In the LDP there is a proposal for 500 houses which has now been confirmed and the developer Taylor Wimpey have submitted two planning applications amounting to 540 units to the Planning Department.  We are currently monitoring these applications.

The Village Library  -  This was due to be closed along with 4 other libraries in the Vale but several groups got together to prevent this.  The new Community Library has been now running for approximately 12 months and has gone from strength to strength.  The Library Trustees would welcome any new ideas i.e. Mother and Toddler Reading Group.

BP Sports Field  - There was a proposal to redevelop these fields to include the building of circa 200 houses.  This application was turned down by the Vale Council.  Again the Community Council and Saving Sully and Lavernock Group worked very hard to defeat this application, including speaking at the Planning Committee.  This is a great asset to the village and must not be lost.

Wakeboarding  at Cosmeston – A lot of residents of sully, lavernock and even further afield are appalled at this proposal and numerous objections have been sent to the Vale Council objecting to this proposal saying “no”.  The Vale Council have now agreed to review the proposal.

Defibrillators – The Old School, Sully Library Trust, the Community Council and Saving Sully and Lavernock Group all joined forces to raise money to install a network of public access defibrillators (AED’s).  4 have been installed with a fifth shortly to be installed at Lavernock.  The group is hoping to arrange short training courses.  If you are interested please telephone 02920 531705.

Glebe Fields – These fields are owned and controlled by the Welsh Church Acts and have recently become available as the previous lessee has surrendered it s lease.  Between several interested parties, Group and individuals it is being considered as a possible site for a new Health Centre similar to that at Dinas Powys.  This idea is by no means guaranteed and has a long way to travel but if it were to happen it ticks a lot of boxes.

Sully and Lavernock 2018 calendar – These are currently for sale at the Old School, the Library and the Constitution Club priced at £6.50 to raise money for Saving Sully and Lavernock Group.  The photographs have all been taken by the residents, and have been printed for us by “Isis Print” at cost.  Should you wish to buy one please contact Mike Shepperdson our membership secretary on 02920 530845 or go to the outlets.

Saving Sully and Lavernock Group was formed some 6 years ago by like minded people who want to protect and enhance the village and community.  It has been properly formed with a constitution, it is non political and is always open to new ideas, members and support.  Should you wish to become a member please contact Mike Shepperdson on 02920 530845.

Thank you all for your continued support

Kind regards

Stephen Thomas

Chairman Saving Sully and Lavernock Group

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