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No Cog Housing

The Plans

There are currently a number of proposals affecting Sully as follows (the planning reference contains a link to the application documents on the Vale of Glamorgan website).

2013/01279/OUT     Land south of Cog Road, Sully

Applicant: Taylor Wimpey plc

Residential development with associated access and associated works (max 350 dwellings).

2015/00843/FUL     Sully Sports and Social Club, South Road, Sully

Applicant: St Modwen

Hybrid application proposing development of Sully Sports and Social Club, including demolition of existing clubhouse and buildings and construction of new clubhouse, three. grassed pitches, one. all-weather pitch, floodlights, new bowling green, local retail building, touring caravan site and building, car parking and associated engineering, access and landscaping works (full detail) and proposals for construction of up to 200 dwellings, with associated parking, engineering, access, play space and landscaping works (outline detail).

2015/01116/FUL     Land adjacent to Beechwood College, Off Hayes Road, Sully

Applicant: Sully and Lavernock Community Council

Change of use to community allotments.

Note: This was refused in October by the Vale of Glamorgan planning committee on the following grounds:

“Having regard to the evidence and conclusions contained within the Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Needs Background Paper (2013) and consequently and Gypsy and Traveller Site Assessment Background Paper (2013) to the Vale of Glamorgan Deposit Local Development Plan 2011-2026 (LDP) and the status of the application site within that plan as the sole allocated Gypsy/Traveller site, it is considered that the proposed change of use would conflict with the evidence base within the background papers (and draft Policy MG 5) of the LDP and would therefore be contrary to the aims and objectives of the LDP. The approval of the development would also pre determine the decision about the location of Gypsy /Traveller sites, which ought properly to be taken within the context of the Local Development Plan process. The development is therefore considered premature pending the adoption of the Deposit Local Development Plan, and would have a significant detrimental impact on the deliverability of the plan and its objectives, contrary to the advice and guidance in Chapter 2 of the Planning Policy Wales (7th Edition 2014).”