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No Cog Housing

Taylor Wimpey Plans for Cog

On the 14th of January 2014 The Vale of Glamorgan Council published the Taylor Wimpey outline planning application which can  be accessed on the Vale website here.  Visitors to this site have however been experiencing difficulty viewing and downloading the supporting documents, mainly due to the size of the files supplied to the Vale by the applicants.  In order to assist, we have compressed one of the key documents, (The Design and Access Statement) and made it available for download on this website.

The Design and Access Statement is a summary document accompanying and supporting the planning application. It describes the nature of the proposals in order for the developer to explain how a proposed development is appropriate for the intended site and how the users of the development will access the site. The document has a  legal context as per Article 4 of Statutory Instrument 2013/1238.

For those interested in this application it provides a useful overview of the proposals.  It is important  to note that there are a number of other documents that should be viewed in order to obtain a full picture of the proposals.

Our quick download version of the Design and Access Statement can be downloaded here Design and Access Statement. This is a reduced size copy stored on Saving Sully website and is identical to the original but has been optimised to reduce size and delay for people to download.

There are a number of other relevant documents that are worth exploring further.  In order that users do not have to wait for the Vale of Glamorgan planning register panel for this application to load, direct links to these documents on the planning portal are entered below. These will take you straight to the document of interest on the Vale website and will bypass the “document loading” delay experienced on the portal.  Note the Design and Access Statement in the list below will take you to the original, very large document as opposed to our optimised one downloadable above.

Covering Letter
Application Form – No Signatures
Site Location Plan
Design and Access Statement
Transport Assessment
Agricultural Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessment – Non Technical Summary
Statement of Community Involvement
Heritage Desk-Based Assessment
Supporting Planning Statement
Environmental Impact Assessment – Vol 1 – Main Document
Environmental Impact Assessment – Vol 2 – Technical Append
Additional Info regarding Tree Survey