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No Cog Housing

Why do we want to object?

View towards Sully Road

Unsustainable development

Sully village has 2 small shops, a church, playing fields and a primary school.

There are few employment prospects in the immediate area, no dental surgery and no pharmacy. The secondary schools providing for the Sully catchment area are full. Sully does not have the facilities to support any further population increase.

Significant Change of Character

Sully currently has a population of a little over 4200 and is mainly a dormitory settlement for workers in Cardiff and beyond. Sully is surrounded by agricultural land separating it from the conurbations of Barry, Dinas Powys and Penarth.

From aerial photographs it can be seen that there isn’t a great deal of undeveloped land separating Sully from its neighbours and the fields lying between Sully and its neighbouring settlements are the only green spaces left in this part of South East Wales. When approaching Sully from the narrow Sully Road, one is immediately struck by the agricultural atmosphere. The old farmhouses and green that form the settlement of Cog which bounds the fields earmarked by the developers represent an almost timeless scene, so rare in this part of South Wales.

In not so many years time, if the developers get their way, this agricultural vista will be replaced by rows of houses similar to those visible in any modern housing estate. The character of this area will be irrevocably destroyed.

Traffic Mayhem

Sully has no railway, this closed in the late 60’s. The only routes in and out Sully are via two exits on the South road and one exit to Sully Road. These routes take the driver to Penarth, Barry or Culverhouse Cross. As Sully is a dormitory town most people commute by car to work. There is a half hourly bus service operated by Cardiff Bus, however this originated in Barry and is often full to capacity at peak times before arrival at Sully. Additionally there is an hourly local authority supported service which covers parts of Penarth and Barry but doesn’t cover Cardiff.

There will be adverse traffic impacts both locally and in the wider area. There are already high levels of traffic through Cog Road and Swanbridge Road. Most of this comprises commuting and school runs originating from Sully, Barry and the Vale. A large percentage of this traffic is ultimately destined for Cardiff and beyond and therefore any additional growth will unacceptably compound existing problems at Barons Court junction, Cogan roundabout, Redlands Road and South Road.

Additionally in order to avoid this bottleneck, drivers are likely to increase their usage of Cardiff Road, Dinas Powys, and again compounding already serious congestion at this location. Of particular concern is the route to Penarth via Sully Road. This consists of a narrow, winding country road interspersed with concealed exits from farms, riding schools and further up towards Penarth the entrance to the new “Super School” and Welsh medium primary school. This route is already heavily used at rush hour and further development will increase risk of accidents, especially given the number of schools exiting onto this route.